Budget Forms & Information

Finance Forms

Guidance for initial steps to gain budget and finance related access.

Guidance and template for requesting budget transfers outside end-user security.

Guidance regarding the different types of transfers the College offers. 

Directions for calculating an available balance for Designated and/or Agency funds (Indexes that start with a "3" or a "9").

Directions for purchasing services or software that crosses fiscal years and a full payment is required up front.

Guidance and template to project the financial stability and impact of a proposed new program. 

Non-Sufficient Funds Checker

        Beginning October 1, 2021, the College implemented Banner's Non-Sufficient Funds functionality. The Non-Sufficent Funds (referred to as "NSF") functionality in Banner is a tool used for budget and expense management. Banner NSF checking will only allow purchase orders, accounts payable disbursements, and journal entries, or budget reallocations to be issued or recorded on an account type containing a sufficient available balance. The Budget Office encourages departments to review and ensure proper funding for account type expenses on a regular basis. The Budget Office will process budget reallocation transfers within an Index for unfunded account types deficits on September 1st, December 1st, March 1st, and June 1st.

Vacancy Return Request

Current policy calls for the sweeping of vacant personnel funds from the individual departments to a central Index. These are funds resulting from vacant classified or unclassified positions. It does not include the removal of any temporary or student funding. Under this policy, if a position becomes vacant, any funding not having been earned by the employee vacating the position will be removed, on a non-recurring basis, from the Index. If the department is allowed to later fill the vacancy with a permanent employee, the funding needed for that employee will be calculated and returned to the department. Under current policy, a department may be allowed to fill a vacant position with a temporary or student employee. Requests for vacancy funds can be submitted through the Microsoft 365 form here: Request for Return of Vacancy Funds

This policy does not affect the permanent recurring budget or the allocation of lines to the department. Rather, these funding adjustments are non-recurring and affect the budget only in the current year.

Please email the Budget Office at budget@cofc.edu, with any budget related questions.