Budgeting and Payroll Services

The Office of Budgeting and Payroll Services is a component of Fiscal Services and part of the Division of Business Affairs.  It can be broken down into three distinct functions.

The first area is concerned with the more traditional budget functions defined as the direction of budgetary processes to include policy recommendation and interpretation; the development of budgetary procedures; the analysis of existing and proposed programs and financial requirements; the internal budgetary process; the analysis of accounts for deficits and/or surplus funds; working with program and fund administrators to evaluate budgetary control and provide training. The staff in this area consists of the Sr. Budget and Financial Reporting Manager, Dawn Brandt, and a Budget Analyst, Lindsey Grandshaw.

The second is the area of personal services budgeting and position control. This includes the responsibility for the management and operation of a position control system which is the central component of the personnel / payroll system consisting of all state approved FTE (full-time equivalent) positions (faculty and staff) as well as all temporary employees, adjunct faculty and students. This includes maintenance of detail such as funding sources, authorized positions, and assignment of data necessary to link employees to payroll. The staff in this area consists of the Position Control Manager, Edward H. Jordan III and a Personal Services Budget Coordinator, Tiffany Young.

The third is the actual generation of pay through the payroll process. This includes the review and management of time-input of hours worked for temporary and student employees, as well as all leave and adjustments for all employees. Additionally, the Payroll Office monitors and manages the pay generated, the distribution of pay, and the remittance of carrier bills, taxes, and other deductions. The staff in this area consists of the Payroll Manager, Cheryl Drum, a Payroll Analyst, vacant, and a Payroll Coordinator, Shantelle Jefferson.

These functions are supported by Barbara Szydlo, Fiscal Services Business Analyst and managed by J. Everett McInnis, Director of Budgeting & Payroll Services.

In addition to supervising the areas noted above, the Senior Vice President of Fiscal Services, vacant, serves as support staff to the Executive VP for Business Affairs, as well as liaison to the Board of Trustees. In performing these duties, the Senior Vice President is responsible for information provided to the Commission on Higher Education, various offices within the South Carolina Department of Administration, and the General Assembly which may be used in determining formula funding and other allocation processes. The Senior Vice President also intimately involved in the development of modeling / forecasting of revenue and expenditure patterns based on any number of assumptions such as enrollment, initiatives, etc. Likewise, the Senior Vice President prepares and presents internal and external presentations; evaluates requests for information from internal and external components to determine what is really being asked and what the intended use of the information may be so that management can be informed of the multi-faceted impact of various presentations of the information and recommending and / or directing the final response. Additionally, with the capital construction projects currently underway or planned for the future, a considerable amount of time is spent on pro-formas and funding plans necessary to support the projects.